Our Work

The Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission has been changing lives for over 100 years by helping the homeless, the hurting and the hopeless! However, I must say, this is no doubt one of the most difficult times I have seen here at the Mission and this country. We are all suffering through one of the toughest financial slumps in history. I don’t believe there is a person who has not been affected by the impact of these tumultuous times in some way.

Over the last year, we have seen a considerable increase in our services. We are definitely seeing more people in need; even people who would normally donate to the Mission, are now coming to us for help. Last year we provided over 97,000 meals, which is up from 88,300 from the previous year.

The loss of a job, foreclosure, sickness, and substance abuse are just some of the reasons for homelessness. But whatever the reason, the Mission is committed to helping those who come to us for help, believe me, they have been continuously coming.

Will you remember those who are less fortunate? Providing for the growing needs during these difficult times is not easy, and we need your help. No gift is too small—every donation helps us provide meals, clothes and shelter to those who would have nowhere else to go. Because of friends like you, they have hope during this tough season!

You are important to us. We need your help!

Finally, I want you to know we are praying for you. We serve an awesome God and know that we can trust in Him even when we don’t understand all that is happening!

God Bless!
Terrilynn Donnell, Executive Director

Recovery Through Faith Program
Up to 85 men at a time participate in this 18 month long-term program that offers emotional and spiritual counseling, academic and Bible studies, and work therapies to help participants successfully reintegrate into society

Lifeskills, Education and Career modules
Clients are referred to various different agencies to learn valuable skills to help them advance and become self-sufficient.

Program Candidate Phase
Before entering the phases, clients are evaluated, introduced to the program and assigned duties. Clients have initial health, psychological and educational screenings.

1. Orientation: Begin building relationships (1-3 months)
2. Stabilization: Develop structure and healthy habits (4-6 months)
3. Application: Growth, accountability (3-9 months)
4. Initiation: Develop support relationship; contribute to the community (3-6 months)
5. Independence: Transition to independent living; maintain support relationships (1-3 months)

Thank you for your part in helping those in need prevail over dire circumstances, and go on to live abundant lives. Your donation helps feed, shelter and provide critical services to the less fortunate in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Please give a gift today to help transform the lives of people who desperately need hope!