When I received the letter in the mail asking for a donation to help the Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission at 401 E. Girard Avenue, I felt so many emotions come back from my past. I am now 63 years old and I remember when I was just a little boy, my father would take me and my brothers and sisters to the Mission for a hot meal. We were poor and didn't have much but I remember every night we would go to the Mission and eat like kings. The people there were so welcoming and friendly and always showed us love every time we came. The joy I felt when I opened the letter to help the Mission was overwhelming and I thought 'wow the Mission is still helping families like mine'! There was no question that I would help any way that I could and I even talked to my family and friends and asked them to join me in supporting such a great and worthy organization. Thank you Brotherhood Mission for helping my father and my family always have a warm & friendly place to come to where you are never judged but always celebrated and for providing a meal and the love of God. Keep up the great work!

Kevin D.

I was so reluctant to come to the Brotherhood Mission. It was very humbling to walk through that door, and I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’. It was difficult to adjust to the program’s many regulations and the disciplines and structure because the way my life was, I was not use to it. But the staff at the Mission were so understanding and helpful, I started to see the blessings in everything, and being here gave me an incredible opportunity to improve in areas like controlling my temper and understanding how to manage life's disappointments. That I didn't need drugs to help me cope, but if I trusted God I could overcome anything. I am truly blessed and a better person because of the work of the Brotherhood Mission. This is a place that really cares about people.

Rodney B.

I thank God for Brotherhood Mission. Because of your generosity I have been able to put food on my table for my 5 children. I have been out of work for over a year now and we have been struggling so hard. But because of the Brotherhood Mission, we have not gone without food and I am so grateful. Thank you for being there for us, I don't know how we would have survived if not for the Brotherhood Mission.

Stacey P.